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Title: 1900 Census -- John Thomas Whitehurst's Family
Record Type: Census Record
Record Date: 6/21/1900
People Associated With This Record:Virginia Lockey (Whitehurst) Pickens, Jessie Holland (Whitehurst) Walls, Ben Berry Wright Whitehurst, Doshie Theo Whitehurst, George Lee Whitehurst, Jeff Guy Whitehurst, John Thomas Whitehurst, Marion Odam Whitehurst, Nancy Rachel (Palmer) Whitehurst, Sarah Francis (Morrow) Whitehurst, Thomas Leo Nathan Whitehurst, Yarnell Delaney Whitehurst, Zebedee McKinley Whitehurst
Notes: This census record shows both John Thomas Whitehurst's family, but also his son Ben listed living separately with his wife.