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Title: John Sandles' Family in 1910 Census
Record Type: Census Record
Record Date: 4/25/1910
People Associated With This Record:Mary (Sandles) McDonough, Rosanna Irene (Sandles) O'Connor, John Sandles, Mary (Craig) Sandles, William Francis Sandles
Notes: There are only limited indices to the 1910 census. This record was found by finding the only Sandles in the 1910 NYC Directory, the equivalent of the phone book back then. This directory listed John's address. From there, you can figure out the enumeration district, then I did a search through that district and found this record. It should be noted that the name is blurry, and it could be argued it doesn't say Sandles. However, the directory *does* list John Sandles at this address. I'm declaring this a pretty likely hit, due to the rarity of the name, and the fact that William Sandles is the right age to mary Mary McCarthy and fight in WWI.