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Title: 1880 Census - John Culbertson's Family
Record Type: Census Record
Record Date: 6/5/1880
People Associated With This Record:John Culbertson, John H. Culbertson, John Henry Culbertson, Joseph Culbertson, Kate Culbertson, Loretta Culbertson, Maggie Culbertson, Mary Ann Culbertson, Mary Jane (Cassidy) Culbertson, Elizabeth Culbertson Gibson, Emma Culbertson Och
Notes: I'm making some assumptions here. Based on the 1880 census index I found at the National Archives office, this is the only 5 year old John Culbertson living in Philadelphia. And, he is living with a Canadian who is old enough to be his father, with matches what the 1900 Census says. So, I am assuming all the info is correct here, except that John is actually the grandson of the head of the household. Some of the other children could be grandchildren as well, though, so I'll need to do more research. Also, "Mary A" could be John H's wife, instead of Joseph's daughter.