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Sarah (Tinney) Culbertson
Personal Info
Born: 1853 (approx) in Philadelphia, PA
Died: 9/23/1879 in Philadelphia, PA
Parents: George Tinney, Margaret (???) Tinney
Siblings: Martha A (Tinney) Agnew, George Tinney
Relationships: (*)John H. Culbertson
Children: Joseph Culbertson, John Henry Culbertson
Ethnicity: Irish
Nationality: American
Notes: The mother of John Henry Culbertson. Died in the Alms House in West Philadelphia (ward 27).
Supporting RecordRecord TypeRecord Date
1870 Census (2nd Enum) - George Tinney and FamilyCensus Record11/19/1870
1870 Census - George Tinney and FamilyCensus Record6/10/1870
Death Record for Sarah CulbertsonDeath Certificate9/27/1879
John Henry Culbertson's Death RecordDeath Certificate12/22/1914
Tree Type:
George Tinney
b: 1819 (approx) in Ireland
d: 10/27/1879 in Philadelphia, PA
Margaret (???) Tinney
b: 1825 (approx) in Ireland
d: 7/30/1877 in Philadelphia, PA
Martha A (Tinney) Agnew
b: 1850 (approx) in Pennsylvania
Edward A Agnew
b: 1847 (approx) in Pennsylvania
Sarah (Tinney) Culbertson
b: 1853 (approx) in Philadelphia, PA
d: 9/23/1879 in Philadelphia, PA
John H. Culbertson
b: 1852 (approx) in Canada
d: 8/16/1881 in Philadelphia, PA
Joseph Culbertson
b: 1873 (approx) in Pennsylvania
d: in Philadelphia, PA
John Henry Culbertson
b: 11/24/1875 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 12/19/1914 in Philadelphia, PA
George Tinney
b: 1867 (approx)
d: 4/28/1871 in Philadelphia, PA