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John Henry Culbertson
Personal Info
Born: 11/24/1875 in Philadelphia, PA
Died: 12/19/1914 in Philadelphia, PA
Final Resting Place: Culbertson Plot at Mount Moriah Cemetery
Parents: John H. Culbertson, Sarah (Tinney) Culbertson
Siblings: Joseph Culbertson
Relationships: (*)Margaret Veronica (Dolan) Culbertson
Children: John (stillborn) Culbertson, John Henry Culbertson, Patrick Joseph Culbertson, Loretta (Culbertson) Benson, Thomas Culbertson, William Culbertson, Francis Culbertson, Harry Joseph Culbertson
Ethnicity: Irish
Nationality: American
Notes: 1910 Census has him listed as a clerk for a mill, living at 1913 McCallallan Street. His father was born in Canada, and his mother was born in Pennsylvania. In the 1900 Census, has him living in 1007 Moyamensing Avenue.
Supporting RecordRecord TypeRecord Date
1880 Census - John Culbertson's FamilyCensus Record6/5/1880
1900 Census - John Culbertson's FamilyCensus Record6/1/1900
Death Certificate - Francis CulbertsonDeath Certificate2/26/1915
Death Certificate - Thomas CulbertsonDeath Certificate7/21/1908
Harry Culbertson's Application for SSNSocial Security Application12/3/1936
John Culbertson's Family in 1910 CensusCensus Record4/18/1910
John Henry Culbertson's Death RecordDeath Certificate12/22/1914
Loretta Benson's Application for SSNSocial Security Application10/20/1953
Marraige Certificate for John and MargaretMarraige Certficate9/29/1897
Obituary - John CulbertsonObituary12/22/1914
Obituary - Margaret V. DolanObituary11/1/1916
Location HistoryRelevant DatesNotes
1935 McClellan Street, Philadelphia PA 19145, USAunknown date to unknown date 
Tree Type:
John H. Culbertson
b: 1852 (approx) in Canada
d: 8/16/1881 in Philadelphia, PA
Sarah (Tinney) Culbertson
b: 1853 (approx) in Philadelphia, PA
d: 9/23/1879 in Philadelphia, PA
Joseph Culbertson
b: 1873 (approx) in Pennsylvania
d: in Philadelphia, PA
Ruth (McClain) Culbertson
b: 1881 (approx) in Pennsylvania
Catherine Culbertson
b: 1898 (approx) in PA
d: 1905 (approx) in PA
Francis R Culbertson
b: 1899 (approx) in Pennsylvania
Harry Culbertson
b: 1901 (approx) in Pennsylvania
Joseph Culbertson
b: 1903 (approx) in Pennsylvania
George Culbertson
b: 1905 (approx) in Pennsylvania
John Henry Culbertson
b: 11/24/1875 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 12/19/1914 in Philadelphia, PA
Margaret Veronica (Dolan) Culbertson
b: 3/12/1882 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 10/30/1916 in Philadelphia, PA
John (stillborn) Culbertson
b: 4/7/1898 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 4/7/1898 in Philadelphia, PA
John Henry Culbertson
b: 5/1/1899 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 2/19/1958 (approx)
Patrick Joseph Culbertson
b: 8/13/1901 in Pennsylvania
Loretta (Culbertson) Benson
b: 5/13/1906 in Pennsylvania
d: 1/26/1991 in Havertown, PA
Thomas Culbertson
b: 6/3/1906 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 7/18/1908 in Philadelphia, PA
William Culbertson
b: 7/18/1908 in PA
d: 3/21/1909 in Philadelphia, PA
Francis Culbertson
b: 3/1/1910 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 2/22/1915 in Child Seashore House, Atlantic City, NJ
Harry Joseph Culbertson
b: 1/9/1913 in Philadelphia, PA
d: 5/10/1981 in Newtown Square, PA