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Michael's Tree - To start browsing the family tree, you can click on any of the people below to jump to their page. This is my direct family. Monica's Tree - Or, you can click on any of the people on this tree. This is Monica's direct family.

Cemeteries - This is a list of the cemeteries that I've been doing some research at. If I know where someone is buried, you can see that information on that particular person's page. But, you can also walk the list of cemeteries and cemetery lots to see who is near who.

Supporting Records - This is a list of all the supporting records that I've been able to scan and post to the web site, like birth records, census records, etc. You can also jump to a record from the particular person the record refers to, but this link will just show you a complete list of all of them.

Relationships - As opposed to walking a list of people, it's sometimes helpful to actually view the list of marraiges that are stored in the tree.

External Sources - Here are all the helpful external sources that i have used, and which can be browsed to see other closely related families.

Locations - Here is the list of locations that are relevant to our family tree that i have extracted from oral stories as well as historical documents.

Research Page - I've been trying to keep track of the research projects that I'm currently working on. This is a link to the current list.

Send Me Feedback! - A lot of the information that is posted here was heard first-hand from relatives, as well as out of government and church records. If you see something that is incorrect, or want to help me fill out a hole in my records, drop me a line.

Links Page - I try to keep track of some of the more useful sites that are out there, so I can find them again quickly. Here are some of the ones that I've been using.